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deVOWed  Wedding & Event Planner started its business in 2013. Founded by our principal, Miss Venty, deVOWed provides a wide range of up-to-date and top quality wedding services and packages.

a wedding is the embodiment of love, dreams and hopes which are sealed by a promise called vow

With the right planning and supported by an experienced and professional organizer team, we believe that deVOWed is the right solution for you, our Love Couple... who wants a memorable and happy wedding experience.

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Founder of deVOWed

Miss Venty, the founder of deVOWed, started her career in the wedding industries since 2010, starting as a freelancer from various wedding organizer teams until deciding to set up her business in 2013. Known to be active in student council during her school days, she continued her education to develop her communication skills, by taking courses at London School of Public Relations. With many years of experience and expertise, she will ensure that every event held runs smoothly in a best possible ways.

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